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Music + Kids + Outdoors = MAGIC!

It’s a simple equation really, and one that each piece is as integral as its counterpart. Magic is something we all search for, most often as children and more necessary as adults – What is MAGIC? it’s happiness, adventure, excitement, friendship, the smell of freshly baked cookies. But it’s also something crucial and important for […]

Make A Wish – Hope, Strength & Joy for Kiwi Kids

Make A Wish Foundation are one of those causes that you can truly get behind – one that you know that the little you do for them goes such a long way. Make A Wish Foundation grant wishes of children age 3-17 with life threatening medical conditions to bring hope, strength and joy at a […]

Dream Big, Feel Inspired – How do we emulate innovation?

I know that sounds like a ridiculously jargon filled sentence but it is at the base of everyone’s desire to improve and create. To put it simply: How do we match or surpass the things that inspire us? Here at PlayZone we take inspiration from so many places: The Living World Children Led Play – What […]

2015 Toy Awards – Innovation, Originality, Fun

My husband and I had the immense pleasure of heading to Germany recently to visit the annual Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair (Try saying that 10 times). This place is huge, it’s German, it’s exhausting, but it’s also tremendously exciting. And there is a community of like minded toy enthusiasts who come from all walks of life […]

Thursday Inspiration – Lighting an Industrial Obsession

These. These are beautiful. Thursday Inspiration is all about this – Beauty in the structural, industrial and re-loved/re-designed. Thank you to the lovely team at Recyclart who got me onto these, and thank you +Brauer  for the creative energy and the passion to create these. French designer +Brauer lives and works in Paris. For 20 years, +Brauer has created […]

Sensory Play is MESSY PLAY (And we need more of it)

This is sensory overload at it’s greatest – The ability to experience something with everything a child has. Touch, smell, sight and of course (and best of all) taste. Sensory play, or for what it needs to be called, MESSY PLAY! This is what childhood is made of but it’s also where development blossoms in […]

Upcycling – What to, how to, why to

The term Upcycling sounded like a fad to me, an era of  DIY hipsters that took someones off casts and painted it another colour, or the team on the Recycling Board decided they needed a new direction. But like any good Marketer and Blogger I researched, in fact the now ever-growing Pinterest board can attest to […]

How to take your children’s play outside

It’s an age old question – and one I’ve asked myself many times. How on Earth do I get them outside? Beyond a vague “just please go outside” or “run around the lawn 4 times” there are days when I’m truly stumped, and the option to just lock the doors doesn’t quite feel right. So […]

Welcome To PlayZone!

It’s a new year so PlayZone needs a new look. Fresh, exciting and adventurous – perfectly matched to the Kiwi spirit our children have. PlayZone is a New Zealand family too, so we’re building the greatest back yard playgrounds and bringing educational and creative international products to match the New Zealand environment. To follow children’s growing needs […]