Dream Big, Feel Inspired – How do we emulate innovation?

I know that sounds like a ridiculously jargon filled sentence but it is at the base of everyone’s desire to improve and create. To put it simply:

How do we match or surpass the things that inspire us?

Here at PlayZone we take inspiration from so many places:

  • The Living World
  • Children Led Play – What do kids actually enjoy doing?
  • The New Zealand Attitude – A little corny I know but we’re pretty special in this corner of the world
  • Architecture – Both man made and natural
  • Science, Pioneering and Technology Advancement
  • History, Exploration, Adventure

In all honesty the list could take up a fair amount of room. So much can motivate and encourage our ideas, so much more can plant new ones. And I understand that the Great Kiwi Playground isn’t the outcome for everyone’s inspiration – But it’s ours. We take great pride in it in fact. That and it’s pretty gosh darn fun too.

Inspire: Treehouse Edition