How to take your children’s play outside

It’s an age old question – and one I’ve asked myself many times. How on Earth do I get them outside?

Beyond a vague “just please go outside” or “run around the lawn 4 times” there are days when I’m truly stumped, and the option to just lock the doors doesn’t quite feel right. So how can I do it, how can I get my kids to play outside?

Well, it actually isn’t too much of a hurdle, in fact, (inhale in shock) it’s quite simple! Let’s take what our little monsters love to do inside, OUTSIDE. Shocking, isn’t it???

It takes some DIY, some scouring second hand stores and some involvement and fun from your children – But let’s build an outdoor kitchen, or better yet a MUD KITCHEN!

What to do:

  • Find a space, take the kids on an adventure, get them to plan it, to draw it up, think about supplies (water, sand, dirt)
  • Look for the right materials – Crates, Pallets, Old Cups, Plates, Saucers, Pots, Sinks from demo sites
  • Build to your skill set – I personally have very little so it’s a simple design from me, but I can hammer a straight nail so that’s a plus!
  • Paint your space – Bright, Bold, Try Chalkboard Paint, glitter (remember it’s outside)
  • Make it an adventure for your children! It’s for them, let them take part in the process

Most of all, have fun with those wonderful children. Goodness knows if your DIY achievements will stand the test of time but the process is what counts. And here’s a little inspiration for you!