Music + Kids + Outdoors = MAGIC!

It’s a simple equation really, and one that each piece is as integral as its counterpart. Magic is something we all search for, most often as children and more necessary as adults – What is MAGIC? it’s happiness, adventure, excitement, friendship, the smell of freshly baked cookies.

But it’s also something crucial and important for children’s development, giving them healthy, creative surroundings to grow and be nourished in. (It’s also a huge piece of the PlayZone puzzle, and why we work so hard to create something that encourages and grows along with that magic)

Time for a maths lesson…. Let’s break down this equation:


This is a big one, and something that begins with human nature. We thrive on it, but not only that, it sparks development from day one. Studies upon studies have been done on music inside the womb, as children grow and the benefits for those with disabilities. And though with anything neurological we have a long way to go, we can all pretty much agree that music makes us feel beyond what we experience. Music encourages us to dance, to smile, to cry, to get angry – and it encourages us to teach our children that.


Another part of life that began with the beginning of us – we’ve always been outside. Just because we’ve dictated the shift indoors as we’ve gone through the generations, doesn’t mean we should forget where our roots came from. In the mud and forests and fields of exploration, this is where we still have a chance to get back to. And if we need to entice the next generation somewhat? Let’s have some fun doing it!


They’re why we’re do everything we do. The laughing and crying included. Let’s do a little more for them, let’s create an equation to nourish their adventurous nature. Let’s get them outside to feel the sun on their face, let them play music, dance and sing. Let them create MAGIC.