Sensory Play is MESSY PLAY (And we need more of it)

This is sensory overload at it’s greatest – The ability to experience something with everything a child has. Touch, smell, sight and of course (and best of all) taste. Sensory play, or for what it needs to be called, MESSY PLAY! This is what childhood is made of but it’s also where development blossoms in children.

With tactile and sensory play kids have the chance to control their level of experimentation. I’m highlighting this for a reason – a very important one. Not only are these snazzy catch phrases for the modern parent, these are the building blocks for amazing learners, pioneers, adventurers, explorers. 

Please, just this once, let them throw glitter bombs, let them pour gloop into their hair, let them paint using their entire body.

Throw away your own inhibitions with this one and get messy too! There is nothing quite like the unimpeded joy that comes from mixing slime between your toes, and to be honest you feel like you’re doing right by your kids. That you’re doing a good job.

Also, go and read up on this, there is an entire world out there dedicated to messy play, and a movement of parents who hold no inhibitions that for today, a riot of colour and mess has taken over.

Take a look at these great Blogs who’s time is spent up to their necks in sensory fun: