Thursday Inspiration – Lighting an Industrial Obsession

These. These are beautiful. Thursday Inspiration is all about this – Beauty in the structural, industrial and re-loved/re-designed.

Thank you to the lovely team at Recyclart who got me onto these, and thank you +Brauer  for the creative energy and the passion to create these.

French designer +Brauer lives and works in Paris. For 20 years, +Brauer has created many album covers for French and international artists and works in parallel as a visual painter, photographer and sculpter.

+Brauer carefully selects vintage pieces from the industrial past, marked by time and whose patina has been molded by years of manual use. He admires the beauty, sometimes hidden, of these abandoned parts, he changes their appearance, sculpts them, and incorporates light sources into their structure before assembling them to create a unique and poetic work. More than their technological features, he tries to reveal the original, almost primitive, form of the robots he creates.